The Farinet: Still At The Heart of Verbier

farinet hotel

“The Farinet’s closing and it’s going to be a private chalet”.

During the Summer months many people could be found swearing on their mother’s life that Verbier’s legendary Après-Ski venue was closed for ever. It turns out that rumours of the Farinet’s death were exaggerated, and the crowds who head straight to Place Centrale once the pistes have closed will not be disappointed after all.

That isn’t to say there haven’t been changes. The Farinet now has a new owner and management team in place: the building and business have been bought by British IT entrepreneur Lawrence Jones, who has been skiing in Verbier for several years and now lives in Switzerland with his wife (and business partner) Gail and children.

When we met Lawrence in September, he assured us that he never had any intention of changing the winning formula of the Farinet, and that extensive construction work has been taking place because the building only received remedial patchup jobs over the past few years. This means you can expect to hear virtuoso Scandinavian cover bands in the Après-Ski and big-name guest DJs in the Lounge throughout the 2014-2015 Winter season. The general manager is now Stephen Wilson (“Scotty”), replacing Laurent Royer who is reportedly launching a new venture at the Nevaï this Winter.

Even if you aren’t in Verbier, you’ll be able to share the atmosphere by listening to mountain radio verbier. The local station will be broadcasting many of the evening band and DJ sessions during the season and will have more information on its updated Website in early December.

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