Following Solar Impulse Round The World!

Off-Piste Radio Network is getting ready to follow Solar Impulse on its next adventure : the first journey around the world powered exclusively by the sun’s rays. Here’s mountain radio verbier’s report on the dismantled plane’s transfer to Abu Dhabi, the start point of the attempt, from Payerne Airfield:

Off-Piste Radio Network has been involved with Solar Impulse since 2012, when Conor Lennon was brought in to present live video coverage of the Destination Morocco mission flight and script & present features on each leg of the flight such as this:

For those of you who are new to Solar Impulse, this endeavour began over 10 years ago when Bertrand Piccard, best-known for his pioneering non-stop round the world balloon trip in the Breitling Orbiter 3 with Brian Jones, teamed up with former Swiss fighter pilot André Borschberg to develop a plane that the aeronautical industry deemed impossible. Undeterred, Borschberg assembled a team of crack engineers and designers who didn’t know it was impossible (drawn from Formula 1 and boat design, among others) and Piccard used his considerable skills as an inspirational speaker to convince major international companies and organisations to come on board as financial partners. Today, there are over 100 people working to make the project a success, and major partners include such well-known companies as Omega, ABB, Schindler, Solvay and Google.

As the co-founders often say, Solar Impulse is designed to carry a message, rather than passengers (there is only room for one person in the plane, the pilot): that we can do extraordinary things by making better use of technology that exists already, massively reducing our energy consumption and dependence on fossil fuels. If you want to support the project, there are many ways to do so and you can find more information here.

Now, in 2015, it’s finally time to attempt the Big One: a journey around the world, starting and ending in the Gulf and taking in Indian, Burma, China, the US, Europe and North Africa. Conor Lennon will once again present live coverage and videos along the way. We’ll be sharing updates, videos and other information on the mountain radio verbier social network channels and onair. It’s going to be an exciting year!