OPR Brings New Energy to ABB

Off-Piste Radio Network is proud to announce that we are bringing our communications and broadcasting expertise to the Power and Automation multinational corporation ABB.

OPR’s Conor Lennon is seconded to ABB’s global communications HQ in Zurich, providing consultancy services throughout 2016; the main account will be ABB’s partnership with Solar Impulse.

Solar Impulse, a pioneering project to fly a solar-powered plan around the world, is currently half-way through its mission, having already broken several aviation records on the way. As a symbol of the potential of renewable sources and technical solutions to global energy and pollution issues it has been lauded by Governments, UN agencies and industry.

This year, we will help ensure widespread coverage for some of the exciting, groundbreaking and cutting edge ways in which ABB is achieving on the ground what Solar Impulse has achieved in the air. With ABB’s expertise in areas from robotics to energy storage and smart grids, there will be a host of exciting stories to tell.

For more information contact me via Linkedin.

OPR Network Continues To Diversify

The past few months have seen Off-Piste Radio Network (OPRN) demonstrate its wide range of services and expertise, with new clients on board and a mix of international and local projects. However, the core offer remains the same: Swiss-based communication services and consultancy, with an emphasis on audio-visual content. Here are some of the key projects we have been involved with this year.

International clients include Solar Impulse, which¬† used OPRN services during the ongoing Round-The-World flight attempt. Conor Lennon was based at Mission Control Monaco as Communications Manager. The US-based Institute For Global Economic Growth also hired us to take of production co-ordination for the filming of the Swiss episode of their TV Show “Improbable Success”. This involved providing editorial consultancy, hiring the local crew and providing logistical support,

Locally, OPRN provided multimedia content in English and French for Swiss transport company TMR, helping them to reach the international population in Valais and visitors to the region. We also began consulting Lemania-Verbier International School on marketing & communications strategy and provided multimedia content. We are working with the WVerbier Hotel to promote events through online and broadcast media, the municipality of Bagnes has contracted us to produce and promote audio-visual content to highlight the successful integration of international residents and we continue to provide technical and editorial services to mountain radio verbier and Radio Crans-Montana.

If you would like to find out more about our services, contact me directly at conor@offpisteradio.com.